Dianna B Designs artisan jewelry is hand fabricated in Northern California using classical metalsmithing techniques, precious materials, bold design and ethical studio practices. Beautiful adornments are made from gold, silver, precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearls. Many of the pieces are made from natural treasures turned fine jewelry like seashells, seeds, pods and other found objects which were plucked from seashores and forests at various times and places throughout the artist's life.

Inspiration for the contemporary talismans comes from all aspects of nature and the elements, foreign lands, ancient stories and societies, rock n' roll, celestial entities and gritty cities. Jewelry collections bear the names of gods and goddesses from the ancient world; every deity in mythology has a story, often connected to nature or an experience, and the same is true for the jewelry. In this spirit, studio practices at Dianna B Designs are as green as possible, using recycled metals, products with the least environmental impact and conflict free stones from reputable sources.