Calliope, eldest and wisest of the nine muses, is also known as "Homer's muse" for inspiring the Iliad and the Odyssey. Her name means "beautiful voice" and she is the goddess of eloquence, the patron of epic poetry, and the mother to God of Marriage. She is most often depicted holding a writing tablet.

The Calliope Collection; a selection of custom works named to commemorate the giftee, who is always the muse. All the pieces in the collection are an artistic collaboration, creating a special piece of jewelry to wear, to remind, to cherish, to symbolize, and, to delight. While different influences shape the work, the constant is the inspiration radiating from the loving, and often poetic, words of the client regarding their loved one, or, maybe even, an experience. These musings are always noted and essential in the development of personalized, wearable art.

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